We Need Listings!


We need listings.  Especially in Maple Grove, Rogers and Plymouth MN and surrounding areas!  Inventory is down and sales are up!  We have seen the prices rise for the first time in years!  Who do you know that is thinking about selling, or has tried and it didn’t work?  We can help!  Contact us today […]

Should I wait until Spring to sell my home? NO! MN Real Estate Market

Sold in Maple Grove

Every day we call sellers of “Expired Listings”, houses that did not sell when they were on the market.  Over and over we hear “I’m going to wait until Spring”. What most sellers don’t know is that in Minnesota, spring actually starts on January 1st!  At least in the Real Estate Market it does!  Many […]

House won’t sell? We can help!


House won’t Sell? Don’t know what to do next?  We can help! Really, we can.  Trying to sell your MN house is frustrating when it won’t sell and nobody is telling you what you need to do to get it sold!  We know what it takes to get your home sold.  Our tested combination of Marketing, Home Enhancement […]

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure: A Short Sale Always Wins


We are again honored to have Christopher Reale, Director of Short Sale Operations at Lepizzera and Laprocina Title and Escrow Services, as today’s guest blogger. He is an expert on the short sale process and will share his knowledge with us on a regular basis. Today’s ever changing real estate industry has brought upon some […]

House Didn’t Sell? Now What?


You tried to sell your house, but it didn’t sell.  Now what do you do? We can help. The Jensen Team specializes in what Real estate agents call “expired listings” – houses that were listed on the market but didn’t sell.  We analyze the house, your unique situation, and the market, and then we will […]

Get your House Ready to Sell – Fix it!

Attraction at the Wisconsin Dells

If you are getting your house ready to sell and you want to make it more attractive to buyers, look around and think about all of those little (or big) issues in your house that you just have not quite gotten around to repair.   We all have them – I have a window in […]

Get your House Ready to Sell -My agent is making me re-arrange my furniture!

Lower Level - After

One of my favorite things to do when I list a home is working with the seller’s to get the house ready to sell.  Sometimes one (or both!) of the sellers will resist my suggestions, thinking that it’s just a waste of time, but they always like the end result.  While I’m not a decorator, seeing […]

Get your Home Ready to Sell -What makes a home a “Hot” home?

logo 300

What makes a home a “Hot” home?  If you are getting your home ready to sell, you need to give buyers what they are looking for; a home that is priced competitively, looks great, and is ready to move in!  Your home needs to stand out from the other 30 homes they are probably looking […]

Hanging that SOLD sign in Maple Grove

SOLD in Maple Grove

SOLD in Maple Grove! Our sellers in Maple Grove, MN were very excited to watch us hang up the SOLD sign in their front yard.  We were their 3rd or 4th agents, but we were able to show them exactly what to do to stage their home and price their home correctly in order to get […]

Pricing your Home to Sell

Pricing your Home to Sell – this video explains the difference between just pricing your home, and pricing your home to SELL.