Frustrated with finding a MN home on the internet?

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Getting frustrated finding a MN home and seeing that the best looking homes on the internet are short sales and already have an offer on them?  You should know that the third party real estate sites will not tell you if the home already has an offer on it.  Only listings coming directly from the […]

What is a mortgage redemption period? MN Short Sales

short sales explained

In most situations, Minnesota has a 6 month redemption period between the sheriffs sale and the final foreclosure date.  When considering a short sale, it is important to contact us as early as possible.  A typical short sales takes at least 90 days, and while a lender may postpone a sheriffs sale, they rarely will […]

Arms Length Transaction Explained – Short Sales MN

short sales explained

Most lenders will require the buyer and seller to sign an Arms Length Transaction agreement before they will approve a short sale.  They typically will not allow a purchase between family members in a short sale.  Watch this short video for more information: Myra Jensen is licensed in the state of MN and is a […]

What does it mean to be Upside Down in a Mortgage? MN Short Sales

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You may have heard the term “Upside Down” when it comes to home ownership or mortgage.  This short video explains what it means to be Upside Down.   Myra Jensen is licensed in MN and is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).  Contact Us for a free consultation

What is a deficiency judgement? – Short Sale MN

short sales explained

What is a deficiency judgement?  The ability to remove a deficiency is often dependent on if it is a first mortgage or second mortgage, and your financial situation.  The Jensen team works with an attorney to negotiate your short sale with the bank so that you will receive legal advice on what this means to […]

What is a Short Sale?

short sales explained

What is a short sale?  This short video will explain. Myra Jensen is a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and can help you with your  MN Short Sale needs.  Contact Us today for a free consultation to see if we can help.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure: A Short Sale Always Wins


We are again honored to have Christopher Reale, Director of Short Sale Operations at Lepizzera and Laprocina Title and Escrow Services, as today’s guest blogger. He is an expert on the short sale process and will share his knowledge with us on a regular basis. Today’s ever changing real estate industry has brought upon some […]