Get your Home Ready to Sell -What makes a home a “Hot” home?

What makes a home a “Hot” home?  If you are getting your home ready to sell, you need to give buyers what they are looking for; a home that is priced competitively, looks great,  and is ready to move in!  Your home needs to stand out from the other 30 homes they are probably looking at! Why will they buy yours?

When featuring your home on our buyer website, it’s our goal that the listings:

  • Are Priced Right
  • Look Great
  • Are Easy to Show

This is the winning combination for this market, it’s that simple. And to get the buyers  in the door in the first place, the photos and video on the internet better be exciting! That’s why we take the time to walk through your home with you, room by room, and make of list of what needs to be done before your home hits the market.  We also show you not only the comparable homes that have sold in your area, but just as importantly, the ACTIVE homes for sale that are your competition, helping you to make the right pricing decision.

Need to sell?  We can help, contact us today.

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